Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi erupts on December 3rd, claiming 11 lives with 3 hikers safely evacuated, final images captured by deceased climbers!

On December 3rd, the iconic Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi erupted, resulting in a tragic loss of 11 lives. Amidst the chaos, 3 hikers were fortunate enough to be safely evacuated from the dangerous vicinity. The deceased climbers, whose names have not been released yet, were able to capture some hauntingly beautiful images of the erupting volcano in their final moments. The images, taken from various vantage points on the mountain, provide a gripping and eerie insight into the power and devastation of the eruption. The volcanic ash and smoke billowed into the sky, creating a breathtaking yet terrifying sight for all those who witnessed it. Rescue teams are currently working to retrieve the bodies of the deceased climbers and provide support to the survivors. Mount Merapi, one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, has a history of deadly eruptions, making it a constant threat to those living in its vicinity. The recent eruption serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by such natural disasters and the importance of preparedness and caution when venturing into volcanic areas.